Pattern In All Things- Guest Artist Jessica Frech

There are a myriad of facets that make up “me”. So many reasons and “whys” to what I do. I can trick myself into being passionate about a corn dog if I look at it long enough to find the one thing we have in relation (it being that a corndog is also made up of many unknown facets… points me). For the past 22 years, I’ve seen this sense of passion as a gift. At age 23 in 2015, that changed.

I hustle. I call it survival mode. Doing anything and everything to keep myself together. For the last year, I’ve worked full-time for a start up company, freelanced video production on weekends, and somehow made my sophomore record for my “artist career”, then toured over the summer. And I loved all of it. I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to create things. I want to make music. I want to make videos, take photos, paint, find a resolution to homelessness, and make a life changing social app. I JUST WANT TO MAKE COOL STUFF. But, under all of these facets, lied my passion for faith.  Forgotten under all of the things that I wanted to do and become.  

Priority check.

I was happy and surviving, but nothing was sticking (the definition of complacency).  I was unknowingly spread too thin, and forgetting my purpose.  I was forgetting His purpose for me.  To better refine my search for “purpose”, one of my facets was divinely eliminated… aka I lost my full time, rent paying job at the start up company.  I later recognized this as a manifestation of fatherly love. 

With what felt like my arm being torn from the rest of my body, I moved forward.  I had other facets to entertain.  I started asking what is my “real” purpose? My specific calling, if there is such a thing. Who am I to be?

We can fill our lives with accomplishment and well-doing, but in the end, if we do not enter into sacred covenants to follow Christ and faithfully keep them, we will have utterly and completely missed the mark.
— Elder Kevin W. Pearson | Stay by the Tree

I missed the mark.

I caught myself defining who I am with what I do. My sense of self was built from my many titles. With one of my facets gone, there was room. Space. A place for something with an assured “return on investment”. Faith. 

I began unburying key principles, truths, and testimonies that I already had. I pushed my facets aside for one second. Answers didn’t come immediately neither in full, but I started to discover what I really wanted to do and who I really wanted to become (am becoming).

Pattern in all things.

He took me from what I call “complacent to patience to placement”. It’s the pattern that Heavenly Fathers works in my life. He plucks me out of a comfortable position, asks for my patience, then places me in an extraordinary situation I couldn’t have conjured myself. Now, there are two tricks to this.  

  1. Recognizing good, better, best.  Complacent < Extraordinary.
  2. A cycle of disciplined patience, endurance, and faithfulness. 

I hope that you’ll make space for this system in your life. Our circumstances are different; I’m sure of it. I’m also sure that He works the same patterns in your life. Look for them. Write them down. Draw them out.  Make room for them. Make room for Him. An extraordinary future is in store for you.

Jessica Frech is a quirky, pop-folk artist who has been entertaining listeners and viewers for the past four years, bringing in over 77,000 subscribers and over 17 million viewers on her witty and energetic videos on her self-titled Youtube channel. In a Zooey Deschanel meets Norah Jones mash-up, the twenty-two year old Nashville native is tapping into this latest record with her southern-folk roots with an ever-growing spirit and hopefulness. Listeners of all ages are sure to find their own stories alongside her heartwarming and uplifting songs.

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photos for foundation c/o Russ Dixon