Don't Look Back

In life we have many opportunities to reflect on choices we have made. Some were good, others bad. But all choices lead us to our here and now. Which for me, is quite a lovely place to be.

Finding direction in the storm of life is a constant struggle. What job should I have? What school should I attend? Whom should I date? Will I ever love someone enough to marry them? Will I be a good mother or father? The endless questions of life are enough to drive any person to doubt themselves. It is a natural part of this life to have doubts and to feel confusion and regret. But we should not become consumed by looking back over past choices and wondering 'what if' that we forget to look forward and say 'I hope'.

Hope should be the cornerstone of the foundation of our future. It should be our constant companion so that it can provide a light during some of life's roughest weather. Hope can be the key to deciphering our own personal map of life.

With hope comes faith that things will work out. We often spend too much time analyzing our choices. Instead, we need to work on developing a deeper faith in ourselves and our relationship with God. He may let us make mistakes, but He will never lead us astray. The moment we cease to have hope and faith is when the adversary wins. To lose hope and faith is to give up an eternity of potential. I believe that we are divine beings with infinite potential in this world and beyond.

I can’t go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.
— Lewis Carol | Alice In Wonderland

We must stop dwelling on who we were yesterday and think about who we want to be today and tomorrow. So, don't look back and wonder, but move forward with hope, having faith and determination to make your life what you choose it to be. Because the possibilities are limitless.

Photos for Foundation c/o Erin Christine Photography

Leslie graduated from BYU-Idaho with a BS in Communications. She is a firm believer that all good relationships start with healthy communication. She believes in seeing the best in those around her and loving everyone for who they are. Leslie is a new mother and enjoys spending time at home with her son. She loves to cook and travel, and she is a hockey fanatic. Visit to learn more.