What's Your Why

At one point or another, we have all made some sort of health and fitness goal. Whether it’s been a New Year’s Resolution, a race to train for, wanting to fit in that outfit for a special event, or just because we want to get fit. We start out with so much motivation and drive, but within time, that drive dies down and we get back into our same slump. Why does this happen? Why do we make excuses for ourselves to “start tomorrow?” And the most important question  - what can we do to combat that and press forward? Three words, my friends…Create Your Why.

Your why statement should be the reason of why you will work out and eat healthy. Take some time to really think about it. Don’t let your reason float on the surface; go deep and then go deeper. It may be that you want to be in the healthy range, feel confident from the inside out, have more energy, respect your body, overcome a health problem, relieve stress, or create a balance in your life- a feeling of having a solid foundation. When we communicate the reason we are doing something to ourselves, it drives decision-making behavior. “It literally taps the part of the brain that inspires behavior (Sinek, Start with Why). This why statement will serve as your own motivation to yourself! Write it down and post it somewhere you’ll see every single day. On those days when you don’t feel like working out, refer to your why statement. Of course, there will be days that getting up and working out will be harder than others, but if you rely on your why statement, you are that much more likely to accomplish your goals! Remember, it all starts with your why.

Here’s a routine that is guaranteed to make you feel amazing! If you are still figuring our your why, your “core” of why you will make fitness part of your foundation, then keep pondering as you complete this Core Challenge! It’s sure to get your core feeling tighter as well as your core reason more solid!

Hold Plank for 1 minute. Draw in your abs (press your belly button into the spine.)

Start in plank position on palms of your hands. Pull your knee over to one elbow as you go halfway down into pushup position. Push back into plank and bring the other knee to your other elbow. Switch back and forth until you have reached 7 reps on each side.

Stretch out your abs while working on your balance. Push your belly button up to the ceiling and hold for 30 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds and do another rep!

Begin in crouching position and lift one leg up to the ceiling. 10 reps each side.

Lie on your back in figure 4 position (one leg with knee bend crosses the other leg) and lift your lower back off the ground. Lead with your hips and tighten your core. Slow and controlled is key. 15 reps.

Scissor Kicks. Lie on back and bring legs up to criss cross them over each other, back and forth. Slow and controlled. 1 minute

Photos for Foundation c/o Lori Romney Photography

Ashley Wright has a passion for health and fitness. She is a Team Beachbody (C) Coach, PiYo instructor, and has helped women of all ages gain the tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle. She believes that a healthy lifestyle will instill confidence as well as provide a solid foundation for you to accomplish your goals. As a former Utah's Distinguished Young Women of Utah, she knows the importance of incorporating health and fitness to be a well rounded woman to better serve those around you. Get Moving - Eat Healthy - Love Yourself. Visit Ashley's Facebook Page to learn more.