4 Ways To Look Forward To Your Workouts

We all know the amazing benefits, both mentally and physically, that come from getting exercise. So why not make the experience as enjoyable as possible? There are so many different fitness programs out there, it just takes time to find one that caters to your liking and needs. From a variety of sports, hiking, running, getting outdoors, walking your dog, indoor surfing, workout DVDs, and gym fitness classes, there really is something for everyone! 

Here are some ideas on ways to look forward to your workouts (really)!

1. Learn something new- Put in your headphones and listen to Tedtalks or a podcast that interests you. (An uplifting, free fitness based podcast that I enjoy is called "The Chalene Show".) 

2. Grab a partner or Take advantage of the alone time- Activities may be more enjoyable with a friend plus it helps with accountability. Or make working out YOUR time. If you’re usually around people or your kids all day and need a moment for yourself, make working out a time to step away. Leave your cellphone and focus on what you’re doing for yourself.

3. Download some motivation apps- These are sure to ignite your fire and make your workout fun and engaging:

4. Double Duty Workout- Below are two examples of workouts you can do while playing a game or watching your favorite tv show. You can even do these with kids! 

*Feel free to get creative and make your own version of a workout to your favorite movie, T.V.Show, or board game. 

Whatever you do, just remember that working out is never a punishment to yourself. It is a way of showing love to your body. There is always a way to incorporate movement into your everyday activitie; just get creative. You’re worth it!

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Ashley Wright has a passion for health and fitness. She is a Team Beachbody (C) Coach, PiYo instructor, and has helped women of all ages gain the tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle. She believes that a healthy lifestyle will instill confidence as well as provide a solid foundation for you to accomplish your goals. As a former Utah's Distinguished Young Women of Utah, she knows the importance of incorporating health and fitness to be a well rounded woman to better serve those around you. Get Moving - Eat Healthy - Love Yourself. Visit Ashley's Facebook Page to learn more.