Friendship: Sweet & Sour

Good friends are hard to come by. When you find someone that’s the ying to your yang, you better hold on tight. The easiest way to do this is to make sure your friends feel loved. Little gestures like thoughtful notes and gummy treats tend to do the trick. Cue, today’s sweet & sour DIY. It’s cute, colorful, and packed with lots of sugar. 


Carefully remove the sour gummy candy from the packaging, making sure not to cut anything but plastic. I chose to use sour gummy worms because they are quirky, colorful, and fun. One 5 oz package was enough to fill my cellophane bag halfway. 

Tightly secure the bag with a twist tie and coordinating ribbon. If excess air gets into the bag, it may cause the gummy candy to become hard or stale. 

On the brown paper tag, write either a themed message or something tailored specifically for a friend. I went with a quirky message, playing off the name of the treats: You’re the sweet to my sour. Any note will do, so long as you tie the treat into the wording.

Add the tag to the ribbon, and finish the package off with a sturdy knot. I doubled my ribbon, using both yellow and orange to add some visual contrast.

Photos for Foundation c/o Lori Romney Photography

Aubry studied communications in college and has since made a career of it. By trade, she is a social media and digital marketing consultant. In her time off, she enjoys a good DIY and dreams to perfect the art of baking. Aubry is also the creator of finding beautiful truth, a blog that highlights everyday life, travel, style, and all things delicious. Visit to learn more.