Be Your Own Best Friend

When you’re young you have a picture of what your life will be- what you will be when you grow up (I wanted to be a teacher or a pop singer, one of those is still true), the tall dark and handsome husband you will inevitably woo, with the house on the corner, white picket fence and all, your perfect 3 kids and a dog who is fully trained on command. You go through grade school and graduate, next you're off to your dream college to pursue a career that will make you the best mother/ father and husband/ wife you could ever imagine. You were told “work hard, study hard, be social, be religious, smile, do everything right and you will get your dream”.

What they didn’t mention is that life if often this thing that gets in the way of your big plans. You decide on a career, and 3 years into school you realize you absolutely hate what you're studying. It isn’t you; maybe, because 18 year old you doesn’t exist anymore. 18 year old you has gone through 4 sets of roommates in those three years who all married “Mr. Right” and they are living your dream. 18 year old you some how got lost in her dreams working so hard for this “life” she has always wanted to live. 18 year old you forgot that she was already living.

Have you ever said, “I will when…..”? Often times we put off “living our lives” until “something” happens. I always had the mindset that my life would start when I found someone to share that life with. You know, get a husband, start your lives together. How many of us have felt that way? I lost myself looking for someone to share my life with when I was already sharing my life with the people around me.  It didn’t seem like enough to just be little ol’ me. I lost myself in finding someone and not being someone.

How easy is it to fall into that trap? We all want to find someone to share our lives with, but do we want to share our lives with ourselves? Regardless if you’ve found Mr. or Mrs. Right, is who you are who you want to be? Are you your best friend? When all is said and done, the only person who is always around you- is you! It took many, many years; dropping out of school and dating all of the wrong guys, to finally figure out who & what I wanted for me. I took a look at myself, who I was, when no one else was around and asked myself if I wanted to share my life with me. Sounds kind of crazy right? I worked on the things I could, and forgot about the things that didn’t matter and in doing that, it made all the difference. I began to become someone who was living. I was no longer waiting for my “something.” If you are in a place where you don’t want to be, if you are waiting to live your life- stop. Become yourself, find yourself, love and accept yourself, and start living the life you want. Don’t wait for your dream- make your dream. Rewrite those dreams if you must but don’t wait for them to come to you. You may waste your whole life without actually living and what kind of a life is that? We’ve only got one, so live it and love it.

Photos for Foundation c/o Lori Romney Photography

Tara is an image consultant, stylist, & girlboss. She loves helping others look and feel their best and encouraging them to go for the things they believe in. She is the owner of Be More Collection and part owner and main designer of M1M1KlothingOn a normal day you can find her designing tee shirts, bossing models around or hanging out on the set of music videos with her closest friends. She loves all things fashion and thinks time should be spent with the people you love doing the things that you're passionate about. Visit to find out more.