Pressing Pause

One of my favorite talks is called "Stay by the Tree" by Kevin W. Pearson. In his address, there is a specific phrase he shares that has stayed with me since I first heard it. It resonated so deeply with me and really had me thinking about how I am using my time on social media.

Searching #SpaciousBuilding for knowledge will not lead you to truth. It’s not posted there. Only The Savior has ‘the words of eternal life’.
— Kevin W. Pearson

I know that social media can be a blessing if we allow it, but on the same token, it's also too easy to unconsciously let it consume not only our time, but our perception of ourselves. For a while, I had been feeling spiritually tired and unable to pinpoint the reason. After hearing that simple phrase, however, I knew why. Instead of more readily and eagerly tuning to The Lord for peace and spiritual strength, I was allowing a good portion of my day to be spent searching "#SpaciousBuilding". 

Since hearing that talk, I've been striving to make a more conscious effort to disconnect, pause, meditate, and listen. Not just disconnecting from social media, either. But rather, taking moments to disconnect from the noise I bring into my life. While driving to work, instead of blasting my music, I'll take those ten to fifteen minutes to sit in quiet tranquility and try to welcome The Spirit. If I feel a sudden urge to pray, whether it be on the drive to work, as I'm sitting at my desk, or at the gym, I'll listen to that prompting and open a dialogue with my Heavenly Father.

The difference that a little bit of daily quietude can bring into your life is astounding. In this world that we live in, there is so much hustle and bustle going on around us and sometimes we just need to press pause on the noise, recharge spiritually, and then keep going.

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Allexis is currently studying Communication at the University of Utah and works as a Social Media Marketing Specialist by day. By night, she explores the great outdoors as a means to draw closer to The Savior and His creations. She believes that the end of all exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place as home. In her spare time, you will find Allexis planning Gospel Doctrine lessons for her Sunday School class, eating baked goods like they're going out of style, blogging about her personal life and style, and trying to do as much of all the above while sitting atop a mountain. Visit to learn more.