Hello Friend | Gift Idea

Feeling gloomy? Chances are, you’re not the only one. Growing up, my mom always remind me that the best way to make myself feel better was to do something for someone else. It was often the little things that brightened my mood—things like baking cookies for a neighbor or helping with extra household chores. Almost instantly, I’d feel better and the day looked a bit brighter.

A simple switch in focus always seems to do the trick. Cue, today’s just-because gift. It’ll make you happy to gift it, and it’ll make a friend happy to receive it. 

Things you'll need:

cellophane bags

coordinating ribbon

twist ties

package of notecards

beauty products

brown paper tags


permanent marker

How To:

Put a package of notecards and a beauty item into the cellophane bag. I found my cards in Target’s dollar zone at the front of the store. One package reads ‘Hello’ and the other is a ‘Thank You’ print. For the beauty items, I bought an OPI polish and NARS lip crayons. Any beauty buy would do. I recommend something that can immediately be worn, like flavored chapstick or sample-size perfume. It’s more fun that way. 

Tightly secure the bag with a twist tie and coordinating ribbon. I choose a bright yellow ribbon to act as a pop of color.

For the tag, I kept my wording simple and played off the print on the card: Hello, Friend. If you want to add a personalized message, go for it. Just make sure to incorporate a reference to the beauty items or the stationary. We want the theme of the gift to stand out. 

Tie the tag into the ribbon, and secure it with a bow. 

Photos for Foundation c/o Lori Romney Photography

Aubry studied communications in college and has since made a career of it. By trade, she is a social media and digital marketing consultant. In her time off, she enjoys a good DIY and dreams to perfect the art of baking. Aubry is also the creator of finding beautiful truth, a blog that highlights everyday life, travel, style, and all things delicious. Visit www.findingbeautifultruth.com to learn more.