Flower Crown Tutorial

From day one I was raised around music, Italian cooking, creating, and big fish stories. The feelings these things stir up all come from the same place for me- to create, enjoy, and savor the completed project. It's the close your eyes and your heart swells with the happiness of your perfectly tuned, vintage music. It's the smells of herbs and tomatoes. It's clipping juniper branches for the arrangement that brightens your home. It's laughing at the stories we've heard over and over that get bigger and better, every year. Creating makes you feel whole, human, and worthy. Not to mention the healing feeling of working with different mediums.

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

I didn't start adulthood understanding this 'stop and smell the roses' mindset. I found the love of my life at eighteen, fresh out of high school, and got married, right away. At this age, you don't know left from right. But I knew he was a part of me. Comprehending that love, the organic, real, no doubt love was the first taste to that heart-swelling feeling. And like that, we were thrown into adulthood- working our little hearts out, going to school, dealing with a recession, and trying to keep up with our friend's successes (or their appearances of that. we'd soon learn doing so would create our own failures). We were tired, worn, fed up, and young. We knew we had to make a change- simplify, prioritize, and have an outlet.

Keeping up with a group of friends soon became a thing of the past. We rescued seven baby Jersey calves- all just a few days old, and bottle fed them to health. Their beauty and love for us as their caretakers, was so soothing. Feeding them at dawn in the spring, watching the dew rise in our fields, was breathtaking. Soon, I started appreciating locally raised food, the farmers markets, artists, and the importance of supporting them.

This was when I created my flower crown business in efforts to make a living staying home with my some-day kids and keeping up with the farm. I had no idea the soothing affect plants would have in my hands. I didn't know I'd fall in love with arranging them into abnormal combinations to create something unique and breathtaking. Loving what you do and being present and in love with what you're creating, will create endless possibilities.

Now, how about a flower crown tutorial? A simple 3 step process that just takes a trip to the grocery store for your favorite bouquet and some supplies.

What you'll need:

- A circular base that fits the circumference of your head

- Thin wire for wrapping

- Metal cutting shears (available at the dollar store)

- Scissors for trimming

- Grocery store pre-arranged bouquet

1. Start with a form- whether it's floral wire, a small wreath, etc. As long as it fits your head and the style you're going for.

2. Wrap your thin wire around the base so you're secure, then start wrapping the flowers around your form. Consider if you want the flowers to be clustered to one side, just across the front, or all the way around. Make sure to judge accordingly, so you don't run out.

3. Try it on! Note where you need to either add left overs or trim the strays. Add extra pieces by getting a small piece of thin wire and wrapping it into place.

Wear within 24 hours and keep it in the fridge when it's not being worn, to keep it fresh. This is the perfect addition to your farmers market, concert, or festival outfit. Please take your time while making it; smell the flowers and greenery. If there are leftover flowers- stick them into a mason jar with water and let it brighten your home!

Photos for Foundation c/o Lori Romney Photography

Stevi practices at a medical spa, full time, as a Master Aesthetician and Makeup Artist. She is a true-blue flower child who runs a part time flower crown and t-shirt shop that encourages the inner free spirit and raises awareness of the importance of supporting small, local businesses. In her spare time she cares to the animals on her farm, goes outdoor adventuring with her husband, and loves styling photo shoots with lots of flowers. Always flowers! Visit instagram.com/missstevimarie to learn more.