Thanks To The Hostess | Gift Idea

BBQ season is nearly here. Once the blue skies and 70 degree temperatures set in, there will be outdoor parties everywhere!

Even if i’m not asked to bring anything, I like to show up with a small something for the hostess. It’s all about reciprocation—she invited me to her party, and I brought a gift to thank her. After all, the best kinds of friendships are mutually beneficial.

With five minutes, a few craft materials, and a box of little debbie or hostess treats, your small act of kindness is sure to please.  Enjoy!

Things you’ll need:

cellophane bags

coordinating ribbon

twist ties

little debbie or hostess cupcakes

brown paper tags


a permanent marker


Depending on the size of the cellophane bag, use either one or two hostess cakes. My bags were big enough to fit two. I also chose to leave them in the original packaging, which ensures that the chocolate icing doesn’t get smeared onto the cellophane bag.

Secure the bag with a twist tie and a coordinating ribbon. I used a strand of baker’s twine and a strand of basic red ribbon. They help to emphasize the gift’s red and white color scheme.

On the brown paper tag, write either a personalized note or a message like "Thanks for being such a great hostess". Be sure to stick with the gift’s theme, and include ‘hostess’ in the wording.

Add the tag to the ribbon, and tie it tightly. I chose to use a double knot, but a bow would be just as cute.

Photos for Foundation c/o Lori Romney Photography

Aubry Lybbert studied communications in college and has since made a career of it. By trade, she is a social media and digital marketing consultant. In her time off, she enjoys a good DIY and dreams to perfect the art of baking. Aubry is also the creator of Finding Beautiful Truth, a blog that highlights everyday life, travel, style and all things delicious. Visit to learn more.